Infidelity: Part Two

The possibility of this being Colin’s child, was almost certain. Kadijah’s mind was racing; she couldn’t believe she put herself in this predicament. What would she do? She couldn’t possibly get an abortion; how could she hide that from Kwame? She knew, from a friend’s experience, that she would be out of commission for at least two weeks. Kwame would get suspicious, if they did not make love for two weeks. She could usually go a few days, but that’s the max. But how could she entertain having this love child? “The features of Kwame and Colin aren’t too far off. They both have the same complexion; shape of head. Is it weird that I had an affair, with a man who could be the brother of my husband?” she thought. Kadijah was bursting, but who could she tell. Her best friend, was also the sister of Kwame. How could she indulge, knowing her loyalty will always be with her brother? She would be forced into a bigger situation, with a lot of fall outs.

A few days later, she and her husband where at Kwame’s company’s, annual black tie event. Kadijah loved these functions, because she was able to socialize with many celebrities, dignitaries and high ranking members of the Kwame’s company. They loved speaking with her; she had that natural gift of gab, that has gotten Kwame promotions before. The husbands all loved Kadijah; the wives side eyed her. The couple was always invited to functions, and Kadijah would always force Kwame to go to 87% of them. She felt it was a good way to network, and socialize with people, he wouldn’t otherwise have the chance to. Kwame was a very likeable person, so it was easy for him to move up the ladder on his own; but Kadijah was that perfect eye candy. While making the rounds,  hand in hand, they ran into Kadijah’s doctor, and her husband. Kadijah’s heart started pounding; she hoped the doctor would not blurt out the news; would not say a simple “congratulations.” They spoke for a few minutes; “so far so good,” she thought. She took Kwame’s hand, and kissed the doctor and husband on the cheek, to say goodbye. Just as they were walking away, the doctor’s husband said; “Kwame, Barb told me the good news…” Kwame looked puzzled; “what good news?” “You are going to be a father!” The doctor’s husband dug into his inside pocket, pulled out a cigar, and hugged Kwame. Kwame looked at the doctor, then looked at Kadijah. His face had a frown; the frown quickly turned to a smile as he shouted, “I’M GOING TO BE A FATHER!!” He picked up Kadijah, and spun around in excitement. Kadijah was mortified, but had to pretend to be excited. When Kwame put her down, she said; “I was waiting for the right time to tell you.” He didn’t seem to care, he was just over thrilled. Everyone came over to pat Kwame on the back, and kiss Kadijah on the cheek. “I like attention, but not this damn much,” she thought. On the drive home, Kwame could not contain his excitement. He was so thrilled, he stopped at a smoke shop and bought cigars to hand out at work. Kadijah just sat there, with the weirdest smile; an uncomfortable smile; a smile that could win an Oscar.

“How long have you kept this precious secret from me? I mean how many days?” “I found out four days ago. I was going to surprise you with a special dinner tomorrow, but Bradford ruined the surprised.” “Well you could still make the special dinner. It’s not too often, I get a home cooked meal,” he said while cracking up. “Ha ha ha!” she said sarcastically. They got in the bed, and made passionate love. Afterwards, Kwame fell right asleep, but Kadijah laid there restless. She wrestled with her thoughts; “I didn’t even have a chance to make a decision; now the decision has been made. Now to see if I can pull this off…”


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