Dating is a Sport

Dating in 2016 is the most exhaustive sport, I have ever played. If I did not already have a child, I would be doomed! If I wanted more children, I would be doomed. It does not really seem to matter the age of the guy, they all seem to be ineligible. It may be my commitment issues, seeing the slightest flaw, and running away; but I do not think so. I truly believe, the men that gravitate towards me, see something in me, that I do not see; something that leads them to believe/think there is a mutual sexual attraction between us. I do not dress provocatively, or carry myself in a slutty manner; yet these men seem to be all about sex. I wonder if it is some kind of sexual aura, that I am giving off subconsciously?! Could I be putting sex in the air, without knowing that is what I am doing? Or is it that men nowadays want to skip dating, and just hop right into bed? I just refuse to believe, that all men just want sex and that is it. Or maybe I am just being naive.

If I choose to believe, that all men are sex-crazed, vagina sniffing dogs, then I will become the type of women all men hate; you know the cynical, man-hating type, that characterizes/generalizes all men as “dogs.” I just cannot be that person! I know that there are some really good men out there; I have dated quite a few. However for the past few years, I have met so many duds. At 34, I am not interested in sex-only relationships; however, I am not interested in marriage, or even a long-term relationship either. I THINK what I really want is companionship. I love male companionship; I love the idea of a boyfriend/relationship, just not all of the work, headaches and aggravation. Also, I have had enough sex to last a lifetime, so I am not really into that either. I just want a guy, to go to the occasional movie with, or out to eat; bowling, skeeball, etc. Why is that so much to ask for? Why can’t men and women be friends, without sex and relationships complicating things? Why can’t (some) men and women just look at each other, have things in common, and just enjoy each others company. I have been friends with males before, but they were all guys I dated in the past. I have never met someone, had something in common with them, and just remained friends. It seems the prerequisite for me to have a male friend, is to date them first; but the way my mental psyche is set up, a relationship will only oppress what I have already mentally set-up for myself. I know my male friend soulmate is out there, I just do not know where to look?!


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