Sincerely, Black people

I will never understand why speaking about race, makes white people so uncomfortable?! Is it because that many, not all, don’t want to take
their blinders off, and acknowledge that race and oppression still exist in this country of theirs? Is it because they don’t want things to change? Or is because they think if  they don’t speak about it, it will just go away? Whatever you choose to believe, nothing will ever change until there is open dialogues spoken about race. If not, there will be a race war, right here on Amerikkkan soil.

Blacks, and other races (including whites) sympathetic to the Black cause, are getting real tired of being mistreated, simply because of our race. Our children made to go to horrible schools, just because we can’t afford to move out of the ghetto. I have an MBA, and still can’t afford to leave the hood. I have more of a chance of getting a “good” job with my MBA, than a white woman who only has a diploma. (Do your research). Affirmative action only helps the token Blacks, that choose to fit in. I don’t wear weave or wigs, and choose to wear my nappy hair instead; so I guess I’m not willing to conform to european standards of beauty. I’m not willing to shuck and jive; kiss ass just to get or keep a job. I’m not materialistic, and material things don’t drive me, so I guess I’m not a real Amerikkkan. I choose to be myself; an individual who has always moved to the beat of her own drum, regardless of how/what most people thought of me. I can’t spiritually afford, to conform and be like everyone else; it could never sit well with me. I can’t do drugs, drink and smoke cigs, just to be like anyone else. So conforming to acting “white,” in order to make money is something I could never do. I’m an educated woman, who likes to curse! I like saying fuck, and shit; it emphasizes my point!

My advice to white people, is to stop being so angry when Blacks constantly bring up race; apparently we are bringing it up because it is still an issue. Just because you choose to not acknowledge it, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. We know that not all white people are bad or racist; but we also know that your white privilege can change the world. If you’re not a racist, take a stand against another white person, you see mistreating or taking advantage of a person of color. Advocate for Blacks; control your anger, and listen to that Black person who is constantly speaking about race. You may actually learn something, when your ears are open, and your mouths are closed. Keep in mind that the KKK was born out of hate for Blacks and other “undesirables.” The Black Panther Party, and other Black liberation groups, were born out of the need to defend our blackness. Those organizations had white members, who sympathized with the cause, and acknowledged that  Blacks were deeply oppressed by whites. Have you ever heard of the Weatherman? They were a group of very privileged, young white men and women, who assisted Black liberation organizations. Now they didn’t go about it in the best way, but their point was always made. Research Marilyn Buck, and the Black Liberation Army; she, Mutulu Shakur and a few others assisted in the escape of Assata Shakur. Now whether you choose to believe that she had a hand in killing those state troopers, or not is irrelevant; especially when you think of the fact, that she would not have gotten a fair trial in NY or NJ. My point is, there was once a time when many white people chose not to wear blinders, and see the problems for what they really were. Last thing; if you are not part of the solution, you are definitely part of the problem.