Infidelity: Part Two

The possibility of this being Colin’s child, was almost certain. Kadijah’s mind was racing; she couldn’t believe she put herself in this predicament. What would she do? She couldn’t possibly get an abortion; how could she hide that from Kwame? She knew, from a friend’s experience, that she would be out of commission for at least two weeks. Kwame would get suspicious, if they did not make love for two weeks. She could usually go a few days, but that’s the max. But how could she entertain having this love child? “The features of Kwame and Colin aren’t too far off. They both have the same complexion; shape of head. Is it weird that I had an affair, with a man who could be the brother of my husband?” she thought. Kadijah was bursting, but who could she tell. Her best friend, was also the sister of Kwame. How could she indulge, knowing her loyalty will always be with her brother? She would be forced into a bigger situation, with a lot of fall outs.

A few days later, she and her husband where at Kwame’s company’s, annual black tie event. Kadijah loved these functions, because she was able to socialize with many celebrities, dignitaries and high ranking members of the Kwame’s company. They loved speaking with her; she had that natural gift of gab, that has gotten Kwame promotions before. The husbands all loved Kadijah; the wives side eyed her. The couple was always invited to functions, and Kadijah would always force Kwame to go to 87% of them. She felt it was a good way to network, and socialize with people, he wouldn’t otherwise have the chance to. Kwame was a very likeable person, so it was easy for him to move up the ladder on his own; but Kadijah was that perfect eye candy. While making the rounds,  hand in hand, they ran into Kadijah’s doctor, and her husband. Kadijah’s heart started pounding; she hoped the doctor would not blurt out the news; would not say a simple “congratulations.” They spoke for a few minutes; “so far so good,” she thought. She took Kwame’s hand, and kissed the doctor and husband on the cheek, to say goodbye. Just as they were walking away, the doctor’s husband said; “Kwame, Barb told me the good news…” Kwame looked puzzled; “what good news?” “You are going to be a father!” The doctor’s husband dug into his inside pocket, pulled out a cigar, and hugged Kwame. Kwame looked at the doctor, then looked at Kadijah. His face had a frown; the frown quickly turned to a smile as he shouted, “I’M GOING TO BE A FATHER!!” He picked up Kadijah, and spun around in excitement. Kadijah was mortified, but had to pretend to be excited. When Kwame put her down, she said; “I was waiting for the right time to tell you.” He didn’t seem to care, he was just over thrilled. Everyone came over to pat Kwame on the back, and kiss Kadijah on the cheek. “I like attention, but not this damn much,” she thought. On the drive home, Kwame could not contain his excitement. He was so thrilled, he stopped at a smoke shop and bought cigars to hand out at work. Kadijah just sat there, with the weirdest smile; an uncomfortable smile; a smile that could win an Oscar.

“How long have you kept this precious secret from me? I mean how many days?” “I found out four days ago. I was going to surprise you with a special dinner tomorrow, but Bradford ruined the surprised.” “Well you could still make the special dinner. It’s not too often, I get a home cooked meal,” he said while cracking up. “Ha ha ha!” she said sarcastically. They got in the bed, and made passionate love. Afterwards, Kwame fell right asleep, but Kadijah laid there restless. She wrestled with her thoughts; “I didn’t even have a chance to make a decision; now the decision has been made. Now to see if I can pull this off…”


Infidelity: Part One

We met at work; started out harmlessly enough as friendly coworkers. He would pass me, our eyes would meet; we’d speak “hello” to one another. We would harmlessly flirt with each other; nothing more than playful banter back and forth. But at the holiday party, a line was crossed. Our flirtation pushed pass the line, and overstepped the boundary; the boundary of cheating. We both had spouses; seemingly healthy marriages. He had been with his wife for fifteen years; I with my husband for seven. Before now, cheating would never had crossed either of our minds. But now we stand here, in the unisex bathroom, passionately kissing each other; trying to figure out how to leave the party, without being seen/missed; trying to figure out the closest hotel. We finally make it out of the party unseen, and find a hotel about five blocks away. It is secluded, and is not near any bus or train stations. We enter the room, and immediately start tearing each others clothes off. By the time we make it to the bed, we are both naked and ready. He laid me down, kissed my neck and then my lips. We made love, slowly; sensuously; passionately for hours. We kissed like we were in love; like we were soulmates. When we realized the time, we rushed to get dressed, headed down stairs and took separate cabs home. Both thinking about their evening of lovemaking.

Kadijah married her college sweetheart, Kwame right after graduation. They both grew up in the Bronx, down the block from each other. They knew of each other, but hung around different crowds. They didn’t start hanging out, until each others best friend started dating, their senior year. They started talking, and realized they had a lot in common. They became good friends, and remained that way throughout their senior year. They were accepted into the same college, but still remained friends until the spring semester of their sophomore year. There had always been an attraction, but they were never single at the same time. Kwame gave Kadijah a rose for “Black Love Day,” and they decided to go on a date; they have been a couple ever since. They became engaged their senior year, and married three months after graduation. They both had high paying jobs; Kwame was a Senior Investment Operations Analyst; Kadijah was a Human Resource Director for a ‘Forbes Top 100′ company. She had just been promoted to Director; making her the youngest, and first Black HR Director in the company; two accolades she was very proud of. The couple had tried for many years to conceive, but had much trouble. After both were tested, their doctor told them, Kwame had a low sperm count; conceiving a child would not be impossible, but would take “perseverance.” Devastated  by the news, the couple decided that if a child was for them, he or she would come in due time. So they lived their lives; traveled all seven continents; traveled to twenty African countries, Nigeria and Ghana being their favorite. They visited Paris, Rome, Puerto Rico, the Bahamas, etc. They decided not to let their circumstance, get the better of them.

Kwame was totally dedicated to his loving wife. He would do anything to make her happy; however, he often wondered if he was man enough for her. Not being able to have children because of him, he wondered if he was holding her back. He wondered if she would eventually leave him, when her desire to have children outweighed her love for him. He felt that if he kept her happy, she would never leave him. He could never imagine his life without Kadijah. She was his everything.

Kadijah knew that her husband felt bad, but never held it against it. She felt that if having children was in the universe’ plan, they would have been able to conceive. She tried to assure him, she would never leave him for this reason or any other. She knew that he overcompensated, and would often ask him to stop. But she also knew he wanted to do these things, so she would just let him. They had a great sex life; very loving towards each other; never felt a void between them. They rarely ever argued, and when they did, they often made up quickly. They were simply in love with each other.


Colin and his wife, Cora had been married for fifteen years. They had three children, and lived in Connecticut. Both Colin and Cora, grew up in New  Jersey; both came from two different backgrounds. Colin was from an urban area, and grew up in the projects; whilst Cora was raised in the suburbs. They met when Colin was a senior at Princeton University, and Cora was a freshman. By the end of her freshman year, Cora was 5 months pregnant with their first child. Her parents were very disappointed, but supportive. Colin’s family on the other hand, did not want anything to with the child. They were not very supportive of the baby, and told Colin not to marry Cora under any circumstance. They felt they were both too young, to be tied down with children.  After graduating, Colin got a really great job as a Marketing Assistant, and financially supported Cora and the baby. As he began to mature, he started spending more time around their son, and Cora. They eventually started dating again, and fell in love. They were married, while Cora carried their second child, and their first child was four. Their third child was born two years later. Cora was a stay at home mom, who homeschooled their children.

Cora was very much in love Colin; she pleased him in every way possible, and was a very submissive wife. She took care of the home, the kids; aways made sure dinner was at the table when he came home. She was a very doting, but stern mother. She was very happy in her role, but always had a sense of insecurity. She always felt as though Colin was too good for her; he was aways smarter; got better grades; very handsome. She was not very attractive, and sometimes wondered why he gave her a chance in the first place. She never shared her insecurities with him; she was just happy he chose her to marry. Even when she was pregnant with their first born, she never brought up the “m” word, for fear he might get scared away. She just always hoped, he would do the right thing and he eventually did.

Colin always had an inkling, that Cora had insecurities about herself. He could tell by the amount of makeup she wore; the way she dressed and carried herself; some of the things she would say. He tried his hardest to let her know, that she was beautiful in his eyes. He always held her hand, and kissed her while they were out. He always wore his wedding ring proud, and bragged about how good of a wife and mother she was. He aways wanted to let her know, she was number one in his life.

After the Hotel


Kadijah felt such a rush…a rush she had not felt in a long time. She felt goosebumps all over her body, every time she thought about Colin’s kisses. In the cab ride home, she text Colin how she couldn’t wait for their next session. She could not believe that she was craving a man, other than her husband. Cheating on Kwame had never been a thought; she was so satisfied, she thought…


Colin was about thirteen years oder than Kadijah, and was shocked that someone so much younger, would find him attractive. He had aways been an attractive man, but was still surprised. He text her back, smiling with every word typed. He told her, they should get together every Wednesday after work. The HR/Marketing teams have a standing Wednesday afternoon meeting, which usually ends by 4:00. They could sneak off to a hotel for an hour, and be on their way homes by 5:30. Kadijah agreed.

The Continuation

Every Wednesday, Kadijah and Colin would sneak off to a hotel, a few blocks away from the job. If they felt they could not make it in between Wednesday sessions, they would have mini sessions in either of their offices. Not too often, because they did not want anyone to get suspicious. By now, their affair had gone on for about four months. Neither of their spouses seemed to be any wiser. They were so bold and daring, that at one family barbeque, they snuck off to have sex in the bathroom; while their spouses were outside talking to each other. They did this twice, during one barbeque alone. They were infatuated with each other’s bodies; they always wanted more. They pretended they had a mandatory weekend retreat, and spent the weekend in the Poconos together, never leaving the room once. They each opened credit cards, neither spouse knew about, just so they could charge their dalliances on them, and not be found out. They figured if they kept things the way they were, they would never be caught.

The sixth month into their affair, Kadijah had her annual checkup. After she was examined, the doctor asked her how she’s been. “Well Doc, I have been extremely tired lately; my breasts are swollen, and I have to pee all of the time. I think I may have a bladder infection?” “When was the last time you got your period?” Kadijah pulled out her phone, and checked her calendar. She did not see an entry for this month, so she checked last month; no entry there either. So she checked the month before, and that was the last entry she made for her period. “I must have forgotten to make an entry last month?” “Kadijah, I have been your doctor for five years, and you have never forgotten an entry.” “I know, but things have been so hectic at work lately.” “You seem to be a little in denial, about what this could possibly mean!” The doctor was right, she was in denial. If she was pregnant, she knew the possibility of it being Kwame’s was extremely slim. She crookedly smiled at the doctor, and said, “okay, let’s do it.” As soon as the test was dipped in Kadijah’s urine, it lit up. She was definitely pregnant. “Congratulations!!! I told you pregnancy wasn’t completely ruled out for you and Kwame…”