Karma is a Psycho B*tch

Is having standards, and setting boundaries off putting to men? In the past few years, I have become the person, I am to be for the rest of my life. I feel my past has pretty much shaped me, into the person I am happy with. That being said, I seem to come off as rude or too blunt, for most people. I honestly feel as though, I should not have to sugar coat anything for a grown-ass adult. I am very open, and honest when speaking to my 12 year old son as well. People who try to spare their children from hurt, I feel, are setting them up for failure. I digress; when I meet someone, whether in-person or online, I pretty much display my personality from the beginning. I do not believe in putting up pretenses, just to go on a date with someone. If that relationship works out, you will have to keep those pretenses up until you divorce, or one of you dies; I just do not have that kind of time or energy. I have to let people know, even in friendships, how I am. Most people cannot handle me, in a relationship or a friendship. I say what I want; never meaning to be mean or insulting, but if I did not care, I would just be quiet.

A little about myself; I am very stubborn and proud, but know how to graciously humble myself. I am that one friend, that will say meet me at 1:00 PM, and be there by 12:30. I am a stickler for time; call me a time-nazi. I do not like wasting people’s time, and I do not want my time wasted. So I cyber met this guy, and we seemed to mesh well. We planned a date for Saturday, the Friday before. I told him I get off at 1; he told me he would get off by 4:30. Saturday rolls around, and I ask him around what time we were going to  meet up; “I am not sure.” Huh?? We are supposed to go out, but you don’t even have a ballpark time? Weird. I try not to make the most out of it, but I am screaming inside. Lol #timenazi. So we text each other throughout the day, and a few hours later, I asked him for a ballpark time. He calls me, and tells me he has to make a pitstop around 6:30, but would call me when he got to his destination. Okay, I can live with that; sort of. So, I hop in the shower, put on my makeup, style my hair, spend I don’t know how long searching for an outfit. I look at the time, and it is almost 8; I text him, “are we still hanging out?” He called me, and told me he had to go back to his job, but we could still hang out, or wait until tomorrow. I am in Durham, NC; everything shuts down early; there is nothing to do. He told me I sounded upset, and that he did not want me to be upset with him. I explained to him, how I felt about time, and the lack of consideration on the part of people who keep me waiting. He seemed to understand, and admitted that he was really bad with time. We spoke for a few more minutes, and he told me he would call me back in 20. 20 minutes comes and goes, and he never called back. I text him about 3 hours later, and sarcastically told him to “have a great evening!” Sunday comes in, and he doesn’t call or text either. So my question is, is setting boundaries/standards in the beginning a no-no to dating? It seems like it is. Personally, I do not feel like asking someone to be considerate of my time, should be a deal breaker. Personally, I feel that, that is something that should naturally come, when you are dealing with another human. Apparently I am abnormal for wanting people, to not have me waiting around for them. Apparently I am abnormal, because I believe in treating others as they treat me. Apparently I am abnormal, because I choose to speak on what is bothering me. I think many of these men have been disillusioned into thinking, that women are supposed to be calm and demure, with absolutely no issues; we are supposed to be without boundaries or standards, and just straight up desperate to have a man, any man. Where did this way of thinking come from? Men are really set to lose out on a good woman, because they are stuck in their own way. I can be flexible and compromising, but you have to be willing to do the same. Everything cannot be one-sided; where the women is flexible, and the man does not budge. If love is what you are truly looking for, you will not find it with that type of attitude.

I would never consider myself to be bitter, or man-hating; however, I speak in terms of MY reality. I have come across some really great men in my life, whom I have messed over. This was simply bad timing; I was not, and still really not ready for anything too serious. As I said, I have met some really great guys, but the past few years, I have met crazy after crazy. I have been told/read many times, that you attract what it is already in you; I do not believe this! I do not believe this, because when I was horrible person, and said/did mean and nasty things to people, I attracted the best men. Now that I am more in tune with myself; more positive person, I attract the worst type of men. The only thing I can think of, is karma. Karma coming back to bite me in my ass. But why karma? Why should my 34 year old self, pay for something my 26 year old self did? Why should I pay for hurting people, several years ago, right now in this moment? I do not feel as though I should suffer, for what past Akua/Courtney did. As I have wrote in my blog posts before, I do not feel the need to date in search for love; I am looking more for male companionship. However, the companionship that I seek, will not be a jerk towards me. Our energies, frequencies and souls will meet, and we will just bounce positive energy off of each other…



*** I wrote this a couple of weeks ago, and forgot to publish. In actuality it is 5:12 AM, and I am in bed writing. Lol ***

Sitting here in Starbucks, writing…patiently waiting for the day when I will get paid to write professionally. I will think about my beginning, and humbly smile. When I am doing book tours, and signing autographs, I will look back and say; “it all started with a tablet and a dream!” When asked what my motivation was, I will say; “the dream was always there, just lying dormant underneath life. My greatest motivator was my passion to step outside the office, and behind a computer, and truly focus on what I love!” They will ask, “were you not afraid to take a leap? Were you not concerned with making money?” I will confidently answer; “I had faith in myself, and confidence that the universe would provide; it always does! The universe takes care of those, who take care of themselves! The universe provides, as long as you treat huemanity with love and respect!” They will look at me like I am crazy, and I will smile at them.

My only focus at this point is to pay bills, write and continue to pursue my dreams. I am not that young, but at 34, I am not old either. If 20 years pass by, and I am still not published; I will always be happy in the fact that I chose to continue, instead of giving up. I pursued my dream, and never gave up on myself. So many people are unhappy, because they gave up on their dreams. They reach a certain age, and realized their whole life has passed by; feel they are too old to old to pursue their dreams. I feel, as long as your heart is still pumping; there is blood in your veins, you are never too old to do what you love to do. If you are 60, and always wanted to go to college, go! If you have two children, and raising them alone, if you are really serious about pursuing your goals, you will find someone to watch them.There is aways someone in your corner, routing for you. Never give up on your dreams; giving up on your dreams, is giving up on yourself. Why go through life with shoulda, coulda and wouldas? Carpe diem; seize the day! GO OUT AND GET WHAT IS RIGHTFULLY YOURS!! DREAMS ARE MEANT TO BE PURSUED, YOU JUST HAVE TO BELIEVE IN YOURSELF! There will aways be someone that thinks you are crazy; “you have bills! How will your bills get paid? You are crazy for quitting your job? You need to be smacked with a dose of reality.” They all have a point, but trust me, those people are unhappy and probably gave up on their dreams a long time ago. I would never take advice from someone, who gave up on their dreams; themselves. If people are always complaining about their jobs, they are not doing what they were intended to do. People have lived their entire lives, and still have not realized their purpose in life. Everyone has a purpose, you just have to have the guts, the gumption, the balls to seek it out, and pursue it! Never let anyone tell you, you cannot o something. If you believe you can, you will! It is not about what others think or feel, but what you think or feel. At the end of the day, that person doubting you, will not/cannot possibly live your life for you; so why listen to them? Why participate in self-doubt; self-pity; poor self-image of yourself. Go out, and pursue your dreams. Life is about happiness; doing what makes you happy. People love to say, “you only live once;” this is false! In actuality, you live everyday, and die once. People also love to say, “Life is short;” wrong again. Life for most people, is very long; why spend your long life miserable and unhappy? Go for what you feel is rightfully yours; I know I am!

Dating is a Sport

Dating in 2016 is the most exhaustive sport, I have ever played. If I did not already have a child, I would be doomed! If I wanted more children, I would be doomed. It does not really seem to matter the age of the guy, they all seem to be ineligible. It may be my commitment issues, seeing the slightest flaw, and running away; but I do not think so. I truly believe, the men that gravitate towards me, see something in me, that I do not see; something that leads them to believe/think there is a mutual sexual attraction between us. I do not dress provocatively, or carry myself in a slutty manner; yet these men seem to be all about sex. I wonder if it is some kind of sexual aura, that I am giving off subconsciously?! Could I be putting sex in the air, without knowing that is what I am doing? Or is it that men nowadays want to skip dating, and just hop right into bed? I just refuse to believe, that all men just want sex and that is it. Or maybe I am just being naive.

If I choose to believe, that all men are sex-crazed, vagina sniffing dogs, then I will become the type of women all men hate; you know the cynical, man-hating type, that characterizes/generalizes all men as “dogs.” I just cannot be that person! I know that there are some really good men out there; I have dated quite a few. However for the past few years, I have met so many duds. At 34, I am not interested in sex-only relationships; however, I am not interested in marriage, or even a long-term relationship either. I THINK what I really want is companionship. I love male companionship; I love the idea of a boyfriend/relationship, just not all of the work, headaches and aggravation. Also, I have had enough sex to last a lifetime, so I am not really into that either. I just want a guy, to go to the occasional movie with, or out to eat; bowling, skeeball, etc. Why is that so much to ask for? Why can’t men and women be friends, without sex and relationships complicating things? Why can’t (some) men and women just look at each other, have things in common, and just enjoy each others company. I have been friends with males before, but they were all guys I dated in the past. I have never met someone, had something in common with them, and just remained friends. It seems the prerequisite for me to have a male friend, is to date them first; but the way my mental psyche is set up, a relationship will only oppress what I have already mentally set-up for myself. I know my male friend soulmate is out there, I just do not know where to look?!

Infidelity: Part Two

The possibility of this being Colin’s child, was almost certain. Kadijah’s mind was racing; she couldn’t believe she put herself in this predicament. What would she do? She couldn’t possibly get an abortion; how could she hide that from Kwame? She knew, from a friend’s experience, that she would be out of commission for at least two weeks. Kwame would get suspicious, if they did not make love for two weeks. She could usually go a few days, but that’s the max. But how could she entertain having this love child? “The features of Kwame and Colin aren’t too far off. They both have the same complexion; shape of head. Is it weird that I had an affair, with a man who could be the brother of my husband?” she thought. Kadijah was bursting, but who could she tell. Her best friend, was also the sister of Kwame. How could she indulge, knowing her loyalty will always be with her brother? She would be forced into a bigger situation, with a lot of fall outs.

A few days later, she and her husband where at Kwame’s company’s, annual black tie event. Kadijah loved these functions, because she was able to socialize with many celebrities, dignitaries and high ranking members of the Kwame’s company. They loved speaking with her; she had that natural gift of gab, that has gotten Kwame promotions before. The husbands all loved Kadijah; the wives side eyed her. The couple was always invited to functions, and Kadijah would always force Kwame to go to 87% of them. She felt it was a good way to network, and socialize with people, he wouldn’t otherwise have the chance to. Kwame was a very likeable person, so it was easy for him to move up the ladder on his own; but Kadijah was that perfect eye candy. While making the rounds,  hand in hand, they ran into Kadijah’s doctor, and her husband. Kadijah’s heart started pounding; she hoped the doctor would not blurt out the news; would not say a simple “congratulations.” They spoke for a few minutes; “so far so good,” she thought. She took Kwame’s hand, and kissed the doctor and husband on the cheek, to say goodbye. Just as they were walking away, the doctor’s husband said; “Kwame, Barb told me the good news…” Kwame looked puzzled; “what good news?” “You are going to be a father!” The doctor’s husband dug into his inside pocket, pulled out a cigar, and hugged Kwame. Kwame looked at the doctor, then looked at Kadijah. His face had a frown; the frown quickly turned to a smile as he shouted, “I’M GOING TO BE A FATHER!!” He picked up Kadijah, and spun around in excitement. Kadijah was mortified, but had to pretend to be excited. When Kwame put her down, she said; “I was waiting for the right time to tell you.” He didn’t seem to care, he was just over thrilled. Everyone came over to pat Kwame on the back, and kiss Kadijah on the cheek. “I like attention, but not this damn much,” she thought. On the drive home, Kwame could not contain his excitement. He was so thrilled, he stopped at a smoke shop and bought cigars to hand out at work. Kadijah just sat there, with the weirdest smile; an uncomfortable smile; a smile that could win an Oscar.

“How long have you kept this precious secret from me? I mean how many days?” “I found out four days ago. I was going to surprise you with a special dinner tomorrow, but Bradford ruined the surprised.” “Well you could still make the special dinner. It’s not too often, I get a home cooked meal,” he said while cracking up. “Ha ha ha!” she said sarcastically. They got in the bed, and made passionate love. Afterwards, Kwame fell right asleep, but Kadijah laid there restless. She wrestled with her thoughts; “I didn’t even have a chance to make a decision; now the decision has been made. Now to see if I can pull this off…”

Commitment Issues

Sometimes, I just get so frustrated with myself, and these commitment issues that I have. Is it so hard to find a counselor, and try to work them out? Well Obviously, it must be. I am eternally single, because I subconsciously (or maybe consciously), sabotage any kind of “relationship” that I do get into. I have met some really great men, and I always do or say something, that pushes them away. When they finally get fed up and┬áleave, I always ask myself, “why did you do that? What was wrong with this one?” These men are almost always college educated, love their mothers, have one or no children, great jobs, handsome (of course); but somehow, I always find something wrong with them. It never fails. I have even dated men, who would not usually be my “type,” and still the same thing. I can have a great connection with someone, but it is the same vicious cycle, over and over again. I know that I have some abandonment issues, stemming from childhood, but at 34, you would think I would have worked them out by now. The funny thing is, I actually like being by myself most of the time; but sometimes, I would like the companionship of a man and not only for sex. I am over the whole friends with benefits deal, but I seemingly cannot do relationships either. I guess, I am doomed to be alone….